DJ Equipment: Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Review

By | June 25, 2016

The Rundown

Reloop has made a great DJ controller under $500, with the Terminal Mix 8. It has all the necessary features to give you an all in one setup. You get 4 channels, jog wheels, performance pads and FULL Serato out of the box.

reloop terminal mix 8 review

Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Review

Bringing the heat with this controller Reloop is on the heels of rivaling companies in the DJ world. The Terminal Mix 8 has a ton of great features and is quite comparable to some higher end machines.

The Terminal Mix 8 is the higher end version to the Mix 2, and Mix 4. It lets you control all 4 decks on Serato where the Mix 2 didn’t. It gives you performance pads, and it comes with Serato.

Each deck has a jog wheel, transport controls, deck switch buttons, and pitch control.

We get 4 channels on the mixer, with gain, EQ, filter knobs, deck load and cues. Faders feel good and youre able to feel it, crossfader is opposite, pretty loose. Master volumes, booth volume, headphone volumes and other volume controls are down the middle.

Front of the unit has volume controls for one mic, and one AUX input. It has switches so that you can run these channels through software, which will give you EQ and FX and filters.

Back of the unit, we have our power, output jacks which include TRS and RCA. There is also a dimmer for LEDs on the back. Theres also a switch to choose if the VUs are for pre fader listen or for master output. And lastly, a RCA aux input and earth pole.

Using the Reloop Terminal Mix 8

Starting with the jog wheels, they are nicely sized, respond well and work well with Serato. Mixer and faders are spaced well. Finding a song in your library feels great with the knob.

Cue buttons allow you to loop roll, manual loop, and also instant loop.

Performance pads feel great, they are responsive and are RGB backlit.

The VU meters monitor either your master output or PFL.

FX are standard.


The Reloop Terminal Mix 8 is a great controller and is built very well, its one of the reasons it made our best DJ controller list. Its missing some features that the higher end units offer, like stand alone mixer, DVS compatibility, but if you don’t need those features I would recommend going with this.