DJ Equipment: Reloop Beatmix 4 Review

By | July 11, 2016

The Rundown

The Beatmix 4 is a great beginner range dj controller. It has a nice layout, a 4 channel mixer, pads and a pretty fair price.

Reloop Beatmix 4 Review

The reloop has a great layout, the layout we are all accustomed to now. Its made out of plastic and is pretty light. It reminds me of the Pioneer DDJ Ergo. First thing that pops out are the jog wheels, which are brushed aluminum. The great layout is party due to the fact it is a bigger controller. Everything is spaced well and not crammed together.The layout is almost like the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller.

Connection wise, there is a mic input, and headphone jacks up front. On the back there is a USB for connecting to your computer, and RCA outputs.

There are 2 FX sections, 4 line channels, volume and cue mix controls for headphones, master volume, and transport controls. Shift allows for extra functions like censor, sync on/off, fader start and pitch range.

Pads are responsive and feel good, they control your cues, samples and looping. You can split these up to have 4 cues on top and 4 samples below.

The controller in whole works well with Serato DJ intro, jogs are responsive, great layout.


For a controller in the beginner range, you can expect every feature. Its built well, feels well and works well. Its easy to use and user friendly. For a beginner DJ, or a hobby Dj it will be a good controller to start with.

If you want to check another controller in this price range the Gemini G2V is quite comparable.