Record Player: Rega RP1 Review

By | July 11, 2016

The Rundown

The RP1s are one of the best turntables out on the market right now. Its been out for a number of years now but they still are one of the best record players in 2016. It has won multiple awards. Lets get into it, and review the RP1.

Rega RP1 Review

The RP1 is a very user friendly turntable, its pretty much plug and play out of the box. The Rp1 has amazing sound quality, with the new phenolic resin platter you get clearer, quality sound.

Its a great user friendly record player and its has amazing sound quality, its light and portable and its a great way to listen and enjoy your music.

The appearance is a polarizing, some people really like the simple look, and on the other hand some people think it looks cheap.

It weighs in at 11.2 pounds and it measures out to be 17.5″x15″x4″. It comes with a hand assembled Rega RB101 tonearm. It also has a Rega carbon moving magnet cartridge, and phenolic resin flywheel. It offers a single speed for playback.


If you are looking for a minimal looking record player that sounds great, the Rega RP1 is a great turntable to choose. It is a bit more money than some other turntables, but you pay for the quality of the product and the trusted Rega name.