DJ Equipment: Pioneer XDJ-R1 Review

By | June 21, 2016

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 has a pretty cool feature, it has a wireless IOS function. This means you can connect and control your IOS device with Pioneers software using a wireless network.

You can also use CDS with the XDJ-R1, there are two slows on the front of the controller.

It comes with Virtual DJ lite, this will allow you to do some basic DJing, but wont unlock all the features of the software.

The controller is bigger than most dj controllers out there. Its made out of plastic but it looks very durable. It has a metal faceplate and silver trim to make it look a little less toyish.

It has 2 jog wheels, a mixer, FX and hot cues. A 2 channel mixer , and eq controllers on it as well.

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Pioneer XDJ-R1 Review