DJ Equipment: Pioneer DDJ-SR Review

By | July 3, 2016

The Rundown

A good balance of function and form the Pioneer DDJ-SR is a great mid range DJ Controller. It looks great and works well with good functions. Its a good step up unit if you are upgrading from a beginner controller.

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Pioneer DDJ-SR Review

THe DDJ-SR is a great looking controller, it has the relatively the same look all pioneer controllers have, the same one we have grown to love. The two jogs and performance pads look great and feel great, and so does all the faders and knobs. Its built really well and you can feel the quality of the product.

Connection wise we get a set of 1/4″ jacks for master outs, a pair of RCA jacks and 1/4″ jacks for boot outs with a volume, USB port and RCA aux ins for connecting audio devices on the back of the controller. There’s a switch that allows you to set the booth out to be your master. On the front of the DDJ-SR there is are 1/4″ and 1/8″ headphone jacks, and a 1/4″ mic jack with volume control.

The mixer is a 2 channel mixer with great feeling rubber knobs for the EQ, the filter knobs are bigger plastic ones.

Like I said its got the same look and layout of most Pioneer DJ controllers. It is smaller than the DDJ-SX so it misses some features.


Its a mid range pro unit that you can use at house parties or at some gigs. Its portable enough to bring around with you. It has enough functions to keep growing your skills as a DJ.