Numark NS7III Review

By | October 2, 2016

The Numark NS7III is Numarks upgrade to the NS7II, they have added some screens that add a new spin on things. The cool things about the NS7 line up is the motorised platters, which really make the line stand apart from most DJ controllers. Lets get into it and check out the Numark NS7III Review.

The Rundown

The NS7III  has a lot of expectations to live up to, because the Numark NS7II is still one of the best digital DJ controllers on the market.

What the NS7III improves on is functionality, it looks very similar to its predecessor but this time it adds screens to the mix. The screens attach by just clipping onto the top panel, simple and its just plug in play at the rear of the device.

It uses Serato DJ list most Numark controllers, the software is really easy to use and works very well with the controller. To load up a new track, you can use the library knob on the controller itself. Finding you way around the controller is very easy actually with the library control knob.

The screens especially come in handy on this thing, when loading up a track, they show up conveniently on the screen and give you a ton of info. This makes it very easy to DJ without a laptop.

Other functions it has are the AKAI performance pads which feel amazing. Standard touch FX and EQs.

Last but not least, the motorized platters that we have come to love with the NS lineup. These are 7″ platters and they feel amazing.


Numark always sets a bar when they make controllers, they really do make some of the top of the line DJ controllers. The NSIII is a great addition to this lineup. Its a great all in one pro dj setup, it feels great while you use it and the way it handles Serato is amazing. If you dig the screens, I would recommend getting this over the NS7II for some of the updated workflows.