DJ Equipment: Numark NS7 II Review

By | June 19, 2016

The Rundown

The NS7 II is a beast of a DJ controller. It’s a high-end controller with a high-end price. But you get what you pay for and this certainly delivers.

Numark NS7 II Review

The NS7 is a big beast and its coming for the title of the best dj controller. At least that’s what Numark thinks.

You are going to want a good carrying case for this one, its heavy. Besides the fact that its heavy its also a great controller, but is it the best? Here’s our review on the Numark NS7 II and lets dig into how good it really is.

The NS7 II looks great and is built great. Its probably as heavy as a deck and a mixer setup, but not as big. Controllers are usually smaller anyways, but the NS7 II is proportioned really well. As a hole it looks beautiful and is styled perfectly.


The front panel contains and XLR/jack combo input for one of the mic channels as well as the gain, bass, treble, power button, crossfader knob, crossfader assign switches for the mixer channels, headphone jacks, cue/mix and a split cue button.

On the back we have RCAs for all the channels, TRS/XLR combo mic input, a switch for raising and lowering the torque of the platters, master outputs for RCA and XLR and RCA booth outputs, a power switch plus IEC power and USBs.

On Top

The original NS7 was only a 2 channel, with the NS7 II we get an additional 2 more channels. We get 8 pads below the platters. Like mentioned before this controller is greatly proportioned and well spaced.


It comes with the 4 channels each have a 3 band equalizer, dedicated combo filter and flex switching between the software channel. Theres another mic inputs, an external line/phono input. A stereo master 12-bar VU and a 12-bard VU for each channel. Track browsing and loader on the top of the mixer, beside it booth and master volume and FX switch buttons.


The platters and pads are well spaced and laid out. The buttons are well organized on the face of the deck and the pitch controls feel nice and smooth.

In action

Using the pads, which are Akai pro pads by the way, are amazing, they feel great and look great. They are multicolored and each color references a mode that you are in. With the NS7 II the pads give you a lot of functions , like your cues, samples, loops and slicer.

The cue button lets you set cue points, obviously.

Auto loop and roll lets you set loop rolls.

Manual loop mode allows you to loop manually using all the pads.

Sampler mode allows you to use samples.

Slicer slices an eight count and slices it into one count sections and then you can play each count using the eight pads.

The pads give you nice control of your sound.

Touch mode

Just by touching the knobs and not moving them, you trigger a function on that knob. If you are using the FX knobs and you touch them, it turns it of momentarily, and if you continue to touch them it stays off till you let go.


One of the best DJ controllers I have ever used. The wheels feel great on this thing and Numark did a great job in making a quality project. This really made the controller as it is probably the closes thing to not touching actual vinyl.

It is a heavy machine though, which is going to be hard to move around, but it sure makes up for it with its pads, and other functions.



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