DJ Equipment: Numark Mixtrack Pro Review

By | July 13, 2016

The Mixtrack Pro is an all in one DJ Controller that has a 2 channel sound interface built it.

Numark Mixtrack Pro Review


It looks pretty simillar to the Mixtrack DJ Controller by Numark, except for the silver knobs. You get a headphone output and a mic one as well.

Virtual DJ LE is included with it, Traktor doesnt come bundled with it because it might be a bit too sophisticated for the features the Mixtrack has.

At this price point and the ease of use and user friendliness. The mixtrack Pro is my favourite beginner or hobby DJ controller. Its not as Pro grade as the name suggests but it is a great controller none the less. Its fun to use and easy to pick up.

If you are familiar with virtual DJ already its going to be fun. Its small, portable and budget friendly, what more can you ask for. Check it out if youre in the market for something cheap.

Numark has also put out the Mixtrack Pro 2 and Mixtrack Pro 3 which are big improvements the the Mixtrack Pro.