How to DJ Weddings

By | June 1, 2016

Becoming a wedding DJ is not for everyone, it takes a more patient type of DJ. DJing a wedding takes a bit more out of you than say a club DJ. There is a price to pay when DJing weddings, its not as easy as you may think. There are lot of things that can go right and wrong, here are my tips to staying cool, calm and collected at a wedding.

There is no point of tips if you cant get a gig though, if you are having trouble getting gigs, click here for my guide on How to get DJ Gigs.

Tips for DJing a Wedding


  1. Top 40: Even though you may hate radio bangers, if you are going to be DJing at weddings, you are going to have to learn to please the crowd. The majority of people are average joes, who listen to Top 40 on their commute from school, work and waking up. Drunk people absolutely love singing along to songs they know. So always keep up to date on your Top 40.


  1. Know Popular Songs: People are going to assume you know every song, so to reduce your stress, musicality is going to be your friend. Spend your time listening to everything. Having a bunch of songs on your hard drive is great, but if you don’t know any of them, what’s the point. Which brings us to our next point.


  1. Filing System: Being able to find songs is very important, make sure you label everything properly and categorize everything. Especially if you don’t create playlists.


  1. Internet Connect: Having internet makes our job super easy now a days, you can access your itunes account, soundcloud or other streaming sites. Always plan your gigs and find out.


  1. Build Rapport: Being a nice person gets you far in any situation, being a nice DJ means better tips at the end, which makes for a better gig in whole. So practice talking and learn to be social.


  1. Bring backup Gear: Always, always bring a backup. Period.

While the list can go on, these are my go to things I always make sure I do before any Wedding. Never think every wedding is going to be the same. Once you do a handful you will figure out a checklist of your own. Its your responsibility to be on you’re A Game, don’t build a bad reputation for yourself, and be prepared for the worst.

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