How to Become a DJ

How to DJ

Learning to DJ means learning hear and listen to beats, and to express your musicality through DJing. Its not just about learning: how to scratch, how to mix songs or how to beat match.

It is about feelings and being able to observe, and feel the reactions of the audience.

How to start DJing? DJing is hard to get started, but its hard to be creative and make an impact, and to be great at it.

The goal with is to teach new DJs who want to learn the skill and craft and to also teach people to get the crowd going.

Theres nothing better than looking over your turntables and mixers to see the crowd having an awesome time and loving each song, that’s what keeps me wanting to get better and play better.

This is going to be a helpful handbook, which you can look back to while you’re first getting started.

If you find this dj tutorial helpful, please share it and show everyone you know so they can have the exact feeling as well.

Lets get Started!

What do DJ’s actually do?

You probably have seen the video of Steve Aoki touching knobs and moving switches up and down, that’s not what DJ’s actually do though.

Heres the video if you haven’t, its pretty funny

You need to find out what kind of Dj you actually are, and what kind of Dj you want to become.

What kind of DJ do you want to be?

A DJ is pretty much anybody who can play songs during a party, that’s all it is, right? Wrong like I said its more of a feeling that you get. Yes, you are right that’s all DJs do but theres more to it than that.

Lets break this down into some categories. You have probably seen all these different types of DJs.

The Club/Bar DJ

Probably the DJs you see the most and the one that inspired you to learn how to DJ.

These DJs keep the club going every night, its their job to make people dance and have high energy so the club looks bumpin.

Guest DJs or Main Stage Djs

These Djs know how to sell tickets. Their reputation from festivals or the internet is what people come to their shows for. People come to see these Djs because they are famous and they have huge hits on radio, tv or the internet.

Diplo, Tiesto, Hardwell to name a few.

The Rent-A-DJ/Wedding DJ

These Djs are more of a doing it for the cash type dj and I just so happened to have a DJ equipment. This Dj plays at small parties and weddings and events of that nature, usually not playing anything note worthy because of the mixed crowd.

The Radio DJ

Radio DJs are sometime a hit or miss for me, some play good stuff, some just mix top 40 songs together.

Now that you know what kind of Dj you want to be its time to determine what youre Goals are with it.

Lets find out why you want to learn to DJ

Do you want to rock the main stage at EDC or Tomorrowland? If that’s your goal I suggest you try your best because have you seen what Martin Garrix is making a show!?!

But like all things fame and success is hard to come by so lets be real here.

You can still make good money being a Dj though don’t get me wrong, just don’t plan on being an overnight success.

Most people decide to become a DJ because they love sharing their music selection, when you get the aux cord you want everyone asking you what song that is. Right?

But whatever the reason is just be real with yourself.

Next, lets get our Hands Dirty

Pick a DJ Software

There is a bunch of software that you can use to DJ, some aren’t cheap though, be prepared to pay.

Here are some of your options

Virtual DJ

Virtual Dj is a free and fully functional Dj software, it is supported by many dj decks and equipment. You can still do everything with it you can with every other software.


Mixxx is also pretty popular, its well featured and supports most DJ controllers.

Traktor Pro 2

This software is one of the most popular ones, it offers a lot of great features and functions. Traktor makes its own DJ equipment to use with this software.


Learn the Basics

To learn the basics I would recommend, learning from someone. It is a lot easier to pick up when you have a mentor. Learning to DJ Online is also a great way to learn, there are a bunch of classes and programs that you can join to learn at your own pace. Mixing, EQing, phrasing, beatmatching and prep.


Learning to beatmatch is a major key when learning to DJ.

Most DJ controllers and most dj equipment packaged and made today have a sync function, making beatmatching a skill of the past.

The whole reasoning behind beatmatching is to get two tracks you’re playing at the same speed or tempo.

So what learn to beat match when you can cheat? It helps develop you and tune your ears to listening and not just taking the easy way out.

Beat matching will make you a better DJ.

This skill means to mix your tracks together at points where it makes sense.

Volume/Gain Control

A typical Dj mixer contains a few types of volume controls.

Each channel has a gain or trim knob, which adjusts the level of the signal.

The line fader adjust how much signal youre sending to your main output.

Green means good and red is bad that’s all you need to know.


EQing is the act of boosting or dropping certain frequencies so that two tracks can blend together well.

Know that you know the basics of Djing its time to get started, and on your way.

Practice Practice Practice

Now that you know what you are and what to do you need to sharpen your skills, the only way to do this is play and use your equipment. Always learn from others and ask for help or tips, your way of DJing isn’t the only way or the best way. Why do you think there are so many remixes of popular songs. Find your sound.

Remember don’t follow the hype follow your heart!