Hercules DJ Control Jogvision Review

By | September 30, 2016

If you are someone who doesn’t follow the hype behind a lot of products, you will love the Hercules DJ Control Jogvision. The Jogvision is one of the best DJ controllers Hercules has put out. It has a lot of features and has got a lot of bang for your buck. The best thing about it, is its jog wheels, and its has some cool visual feedback which is a plus. Lets check it out more and review this cool Hercules controller.

The Rundown

The jog wheels are the first things you notice on this controller. Safe to assume that was the plan, being the name of it is Jogvision. The rest of the layout of the controller is a bit unorthodox. Performance pads are off to the side corners which is different than most.

Besides the layout being different, the Jogvision is a plastic controller, that has some big jog wheels, is a 2 channel mixer, which has decent inputs and outputs, and good controls.

The jog wheels are its key selling point. They feel pro-grade, they offer a good weight to them. They have built in lights which are very useful. It consists of an outer ring which shows rotation, and an inner ring for how much time you have left on the track. It also has some nudge controls. The browse loader on this thing is nice too, makes it easier to load and control your tracks while you play.

Transport controls work well, they have a nice rubberized design with a backlit LED strip to show status. The pads are four to a side, there are RB lights that show which function they are set to.

The Jogvision is a two deck controller, which doesn’t have any layer switching. It does your bass, mids and treble adjustments but no per channel filters, and per channel VU meters but no master VU meters. Gain controls take a little getting used to as well, in order to adjust the gain, you need to hold the shift button under the channel you want to adjust, and than turn the browse encoder to adjust the gain.

It uses Serato DJ Intro and it works pretty good with it. Easy installation and user friendliness.


Hercules targets a more beginner, starter market, and the Jogvision tailors to this market perfectly. You get a good dj controller with good functionality.

It’s a two deck controller, so if you want a controller with good jog wheels and two channels its great.

Layout and usability will take some getting used to, but that’s like anything.

Its got a good audio interface on board, which sounds great. The controller is a pretty good start DJ controller that will get you your first couple of gigs, once you start getting really serious you can upgrade to something more higher end.