Hercules DJ Control Instinct Review

By | September 30, 2016

If you are looking for a tiny compact unit that that you can learn to DJ on, the Hercules DJ Control Instinct is a budget friendly unit to get started with.

The Rundown

What you first notice about the Instinct is the size. It is a very tiny DJ controller. It’s made out of plastic and finished with matte and gloss black. It has the basic jog wheels, faders, knobs and other buttons. It doesn’t have much for inputs, since its lacking the sound card, just a 1/8” TRS socket on the front and back of the unit, and RCAs on the back.

The DJ software it uses is DJUCED, which you will have to install on your computer first. This is supplied in the box when you buy it. It ships with the full version too. It definitely isn’t no Traktor or Serato, but it does have some nice touches. Its got some nice visual waveform confirmation for beatmatching which is handy for beginners. You are able to load up to four samples per deck. A couple of weird things though, if you are speeding through a track, you are not able to hear it, effects are a bit basic and weak. Overall DJUCED is decent and you are able to perform all the basic DJing functions on it. There is plenty to go off of, if you are still learning.

For being such a budget friendly unit, it does surprisingly well for your overall DJ experience. It only has three knobs and three faders, but they all work pretty damn well. All parts on this machine are responsive and feel good while using.

Since it’s such a small unit, and there is so little real estate on the top panel. Buttons are used for the same feature. For instance, you are still able to perform hot cues, loops, effects and samples, but in order to use them you need to cycle through the same button.

The jog wheels, which are mechanical – pressure wheels, and not touch are good as well(for what you pay for). This is only a problem for spinning the track backwards however, because once your hand leaves the wheel it drops scratch functionality.

For such a rock bottom price, these shortcomings are easy to look past.


So if you want a really portable unit, and something to practice your DJing on, the Instinct is great for that.

I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a ton of money to blow, or you are buying a gift for.

Keep in mind though, most people use Serato, Traktor or Virtual DJ, so you might have a hard time adjusting to others peoples equipment if you ever do work on so