DJ Equipment: Gemini G2V Review

By | July 12, 2016

The Rundown

A great lighter and small dj controller. Good price and easy to use. It has good features for what it is. Lets look at why this controller is one of the best DJ controllers of 2016!

Gemini G2V DJ Controller

The G2v is the smaller version of Geminis 4 channel controller, the G4V. Which you can check out here, in your Gemini G4V Review. The G2V is a well made dj controller, with some decent amount of features for such a budget controller. It used Virtual DJ, which a lot of people tend to like better than Serato and Traktor.

If you want a 2 channel controller than this is a great controller to start with.

The G2v is a great looking controller, its made out of steel, its a gun metal gray, and its a great size. Its pretty much the G4V with 2 channels less. Its got great jogs, great performance pads, long tempo controls, great buttons, great knobs and big channel filters.

The G2v is fun to use and feels great when you’re using it. It has hot cues, loops, sample control  and loop roll functions. You also get VU meters which most beginner controllers don’t have.

It uses Virtual DJ LE which is the light version of Virtual DJ 7 LE. If you’re just starting out, its got everything you need.

For inputs and outputs you can plug a mic and aux into the G2V, volume controls but no EQ. There is a booth output and balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA master outs.


If you’re just getting started in the world of DJing and dont want to break the budget. The G2V is a great choice if you need a 2 channel and want to use virtual DJ. It beats the Traktor Kontrol 2 which doesn’t have an external aux input. Another comparable dj controller is the Pioneer DDJ-SB if you want to check out more beginner DJ controllers.