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DJ Equipment: Gemini G2V Review

The Rundown A great lighter and small dj controller. Good price and easy to use. It has good features for what it is. Lets look at why this controller is one of the best DJ controllers of 2016! Gemini G2V DJ Controller The G2v is the smaller version of Geminis 4 channel controller, the G4V.… Read More »

Record Player: Rega RP1 Review

The Rundown The RP1s are one of the best turntables out on the market right now. Its been out for a number of years now but they still are one of the best record players in 2016. It has won multiple awards. Lets get into it, and review the RP1. Rega RP1 Review The RP1… Read More »

Audio Technica AT-LP120 Review

The Rundown The AT-LP120 is kind of a “clone” to the now discontinued Technics 1200 Turntables. They look and feel almost identical and can be bought for $200 each. They are in my opinion the best Turntables on the market right now. Audio Technica AT-LP120 Review The build quality of the AT-Lp120s are great, they… Read More »

DJ Equipment: Pioneer DDJ-SR Review

The Rundown A good balance of function and form the Pioneer DDJ-SR is a great mid range DJ Controller. It looks great and works well with good functions. Its a good step up unit if you are upgrading from a beginner controller. Pioneer DDJ-SR Review THe DDJ-SR is a great looking controller, it has the… Read More »