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How to get your First DJ Gig

When it comes to making money as a DJ, learning to DJ is the easy part, getting the gigs is the hard part. Depending on what kind of DJ you want to be, whether it is a Club DJ, radio DJ, wedding DJ, etc. your first clients are going to be the people you know.… Read More »

How to DJ Weddings

Becoming a wedding DJ is not for everyone, it takes a more patient type of DJ. DJing a wedding takes a bit more out of you than say a club DJ. There is a price to pay when DJing weddings, its not as easy as you may think. There are lot of things that can… Read More »

How to DJ: Learning to Scratch

Guide to DJ Scratching Scratching is the most impressive of all techniques when DJing. It’s a mix of timing, coordination, accuracy, style, all in one. Its an art form of its own. Scratching is manipulating the sound on a record, whether is it’s the kick, effect, snare or vocals, by moving it backwards and forwards.… Read More »

How to DJ: Online DJ Lessons

The Best Online DJ Courses The best advice I can give anyone right from the start is get SOLID and planned DJ lessons. Most beginner DJ’s will spend their many first few months trying to find free DJ courses and the result is very poor and little progress.I made this mistake, and wish I had just… Read More »

How to DJ: Pitch Control

This tutorial is intended as a guide on how to beatmatch using only your turntable’s pitch slider. This guide isn’t meant to be the end all be all of this technique, it simply outlines how I go about mixing in this style. Learning to control pitch is important if you want to get your first… Read More »

How to DJ: Guide to Beatmatching

This article is going to go over beatmatching this is not an end all be all guide, it is a guide to show you the basics and how to get started. There are tons of ways to beatmatch but this is the way I find works best for me and helped when I started to… Read More »