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Best DJ Mixer on the Market in 2016

If you are looking to complete your DJ Setup, you are going to need a mixer. Mixing, beatmatching, and scratching is fine and dandy, but without a mixer you won’t be able to do any of that. But what makes a great mixer and what do you look for? SO without further ado, let’s review… Read More »

Best Record Player

What’s the process of finding the best listening turntable/record player? Well the only way to determine that is to listen, listen, and listen. To some this might be a long and tedious task, but to me, its what I love to do the most and that’s listening to music. So if you are like me… Read More »

Best DJ MIDI Keyboard Controller

MIDI keyboard controllers are popping up more and more in todays market. Keyboards are cost effective and are very handy in the studio as they double as virtual instruments. This creates tons of possibilities and lets you get really creative. We will review the top 10 best MIDI Keyboard Controllers on the market. What to… Read More »

Best DJ Headphones under 200

If you are getting serious about DJing and producing, you are going to want a better quality headphone. Like most things you buy, the higher the price tag it usually means the quality is higher as well. This goes for buying headphones as much as anything. What our goal is, is to find the best… Read More »

Best MIDI Drum Machine Controller

MIDI drum machines have been on the rise in the last few years. Producers and Djs alike loved the hardware and software fusion for making beats on the computer. We go over the best MIDI drum controllers on the market in 2016, basing it on portability, affordability and functionality. While MIDI drum machines allow you take… Read More »

Best DJ Headphones under 100

If you are starting out or learning to DJ or just like the style and comfort of DJ heaphones better than in-ear headphones, or are on a budget, then this is the guide for you. We have compiled a list to review the top DJ headphones under $100. If you want to spend a little… Read More »