Best Reloop DJ Controllers

Reloop is a big player in the DJ industry. Their company was made on the love of the vinyl culture. They make pristine audio products, that are quality made and crafted. They carry a broad range of DJ gear. Reloop’s love for the classic DJ setup has brought them into making all in one DJ… Read More »

Best All In One Numark DJ Controllers

Numark is a huge name in the DJ world. They make products strictly for the DJing community. They have a huge selection to choose from if you are in the market for an All in one DJ controller. Here are the best all in one Numark DJ controllers. Best Numark DJ Controllers Numark NS7III THe… Read More »

Best All in One Native Instrument DJ Controllers

Native Instrument is one of the most popular DJ controller manufactures in 2016. They make their controllers to work perfectly with Traktor. They have a number of controllers out right now, but what suits you and your needs the best. Lets skim the surface and get introduced to their line up. The Best Native Instrument DJ Controllers on… Read More »

DJ Mixers: Stanton M.203 review

The Rundown Great mixer for someone who is on a budget and is just getting into DJing. You get all the features you need for mixing and scratching. It is built well, it looks clean and gives you quality sound. Stanton M.203 Review The stanton M.203 has a simple, clean look that looks great. It… Read More »

Best All In One Pioneer DJ Controller

Chances are, even if you are new to the Industry, you have heard or know somrthing about pioneer gear. Pioneer is a huge name in the game and for a good reason, its because they make great products. If you are looking for a DJ controller, there are a number of controllers that you can… Read More »

DJ Equipment: Numark Mixtrack Pro Review

The Mixtrack Pro is an all in one DJ Controller that has a 2 channel sound interface built it.   It looks pretty simillar to the Mixtrack DJ Controller by Numark, except for the silver knobs. You get a headphone output and a mic one as well. Virtual DJ LE is included with it, Traktor… Read More »

Best DJ Controller for Serato

One of the most popular DJ softwares in the industry is Serato DJ. I have personally used multiple different types of DJ softwares, and Serato knows how to do it. You have probably heard the line, “You aint got no Yeezy in your Serato”. Serato has made an impact in industry and in pop culture.… Read More »

DJ Equipment: Gemini G2V Review

The Rundown A great lighter and small dj controller. Good price and easy to use. It has good features for what it is. Lets look at why this controller is one of the best DJ controllers of 2016! Gemini G2V DJ Controller The G2v is the smaller version of Geminis 4 channel controller, the G4V.… Read More »

DJ Equipment: Reloop Beatmix 4 Review

The Rundown The Beatmix 4 is a great beginner range dj controller. It has a nice layout, a 4 channel mixer, pads and a pretty fair price. Reloop Beatmix 4 Review The reloop has a great layout, the layout we are all accustomed to now. Its made out of plastic and is pretty light. It… Read More »

Record Player: Rega RP1 Review

The Rundown The RP1s are one of the best turntables out on the market right now. Its been out for a number of years now but they still are one of the best record players in 2016. It has won multiple awards. Lets get into it, and review the RP1. Rega RP1 Review The RP1… Read More »