Best All In One Pioneer DJ Controller

By | July 14, 2016

Chances are, even if you are new to the Industry, you have heard or know somrthing about pioneer gear. Pioneer is a huge name in the game and for a good reason, its because they make great products.

If you are looking for a DJ controller, there are a number of controllers that you can choose from. So the question is, where do you begin and what controller is best for you? Well let’s break down one of the leading manufacturers of DJ controllers here.

Comparing each All In One Pioneer DJ Controller

Since Pioneer came out with Rekordbox DJ, I decided, why not compare all their models. Pioneer has dominated market share in the DJ world. The DDJ SB, DDJ SX and DDJ SR, just to name a few, smashing competition.

Pioneer has seven different models to choose from, but which one do you pick? Lets break them down in our review below.

Beginner DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ SB2

The SB2 is a great controller for beginners and is the best controller that uses Seratio DJ Intro. The second coming of the SB adds trim knobs on both channels and VU meters as well. It has a filter fader which allows you to high pass filter both tracks with the crossfader.

At the lower end of the price spectrum, you certainly pay for what you get. The build quality isnt as great as the higher end models, but you need to expect it.

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IOS DJ Controller

Pioneer WeGo3

The WeGO3 is a two channel controller which was marketed for the Apple App store. It is compatible with Algoriddims software, and is made to cater to iPads.

It has a neat gimmick, the lights dance to the beat of the track you are playing. The layout of the controller is really nice as well, with the loop and transport controls around the jogs.

It works with other DJ Softwares, as well as Rekordbox, the only budget controller to get it. If you want something that stands out, it comes in white and red as well as black.

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The Working DJ

Pioneer DDJ SR

The DDJ SR was a huge hit when it released. It includes great feeling performance pads and great feeling jog wheels.

The SR and SX2 have the same similar build when it comes to jog wheels, they are good but not quite as good as CDJ quality.

With the SR, you start getting into actual Pro Grade products. You get slop mode, it has master and booth outs, aux and RCA outs, and a 1/4″ mic. Its great for shows and a good starting point. Cool thing too, is you can run straight off USB.

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Pioneer DDj SX

The SX and the SR are pretty similar, with the SX having 2 extra decks. The SX has the advantage by have XLR outs, which give you balanced master XLR outputs, and its also a stand alone mixer. The SX also has touch strips for searching and you can control dual decks at the same time.

The All in one, all in one, Get it?

Pioneer DDJ SZ

The cream of the crop when it comes to DJ controllers. The SZ has got everything yo need to DJ. Its got dual USBs and soundcards. A great set of jogs, probably the best in the DDJ series. Just the best. Period.

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Rekordbox DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ RX and DDJ RZ

The newest members of the DDJ family. They are kind of the exact same models as the SX and SZ except for Rekordbox, besides some controls and labels. Pad FX, slicer, slicer capture and sequencer labels match up better with Rekordbox.

Stand Alone Controller

Pioneer XDJ-RX

A truely unique DJ experience with the XDJ RX. Its an all in one controller with media player gear like CDJS and its work amazingly. Its got basic pads, best color and bpm FX are on the unit and it has dual USB ports as well.

When choosing a DJ controller, brand name is going to come into play. All the top DJ controllers are going to have the best features, it is going to come down, on the software, style of the controller and look of it, when you choose yours.