Best All In One Numark DJ Controllers

By | August 20, 2016

Numark is a huge name in the DJ world. They make products strictly for the DJing community. They have a huge selection to choose from if you are in the market for an All in one DJ controller. Here are the best all in one Numark DJ controllers.

Best Numark DJ Controllers

Numark NS7III

THe NS7 III is Numarks flagship controller. It is a high end found deck controller that uses Serato DJ. It has three built in high res color screens. Its a pro grade unit that features a mixer with great sound quality, it has great jo and performance pads. Check out the Full Numark NS7III review.

Numark NS7II

Even though the NS7III is out, the NS7II is still a great competitor for the best all in one DJ controller. You get four channels of mixing, slip mats and vinyl, and actual 7 inch motorized turntables . The NS7II is packed with features and you get full control over your mixing with it. Its built solid and it packs a huge amount of features. Check out the Full Numark NS7II review.

Mixtrack Pro 3

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is an all in one DJ controller, designed for skilled, aspiring DJs. It includes jogwheels and backlit performance pads and it comes packaged with Serato DJ Intro. It has a built in audio system so you are able to use it right out of the box, jsut plug in your headphones or into a system and start mixing right away, theres not need for an external audio inteface. Check out the Full Numark Mixtrack Pro III Review.

Mixtrack Pro 2

Still a great DJ controller for those looking to get into DJing or want a backup controller. The mixtrack 2 includes drum pads and touch activiated platters. You still get all your hot cues, looping and effects controls. It has a built in audi interface which sounds great, and it also comes with Serato DJ Intro. Check out the Full Numark Mixtrack Pro II Review.

Numark is a huge player in the DJ Industry, and they make some of the best DJ controllers on the market. Be sure to review all of our DJ controllers to make sure you buy the right one.