Best Novation MIDI Keyboard Controllers

By | October 1, 2016

Novation makes some of the best MIDI keyboards on the market. They have great designs are well made. Heres a list of Novations top MIDI keyboards

Top Novation MIDI Keyboards

Launchkey Mini

The launchkey Mini is a compact and very portable unit, even though it has a small package its does everything you need to make songs in Ableton Live. Its a simple plug and play keyboard. Its an easy to use 25 key mini keyboard. Click here for the full Novation Launchkey Mini review.


The launchkey is a user friendly MIDI keyboard that comes in 25, 49 and 61 key keyboards. Its made to be used with Ableton but you can map it for use with other music software. Click here for the full Novation Launchkey review.


Novation created the impulse for people who really like playing the keys. It was made for great performances in mind. It comes in the 25, 49 and 25 key versions. Click here for


The flagship for Novation MIDI keyboards, the SL MKII is a professional grade controller, its keys are semi weighted and lays like an instrument with an enourmous amount of controls. It comes in a 25, 49 and 61 key versions. Check the full Novation SL MkII review here.

When looking for the best MIDI keyboard controller, make sure to check out Novation as they are making some of the best keyboards that suit anyones needs.