Best All in One Gemini DJ Controllers

By | August 23, 2016

Gemini has been making waves in the DJ industry for a while now, they offer innovation in the pro and amateur levels of the DJ market. They understand what their customers want, and design their products based on that. Geminis DJ controllers are just that, products of their customers imaginations. Their portfolio continues to grow as they add more and more products to their line up.

Lets take a look at their best all in one DJ controllers.

Best all in one Gemini DJ controllers in 2016

Gemini CNTRL-7

An upgrade from the CTRL-SIX usb DJ controller, you get awesome functionality with the CNTRL-7. Its fully mappable so you can use it with any DJ software that you prefer. It provides two channels with touch jog wheels. You are able to do manual beatmatching with the pitch controls as well. Check out our Full Gemini CNTRL-7 review.

Gemini G4V

The G4v comes with 2 full featured DJ decks that allow control over 4 virtual software decks. It comes with great feeling performance pads that you are able to use with multiple functions. It has a 24-bit PC/Mac audio interface, so you dont need anything extra to get going. Its a great 4 channel DJ controller that will get you going as a beginner. Check out the Full Gemini G4V Review.

Gemini G2v

The G2v has 2 full featured decks that offer 2 channels of mixing. It has 2 rows of performance pads, and is built well and looks great. Just like its 4 channel counterpart, the G2v has a built in 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface so you are able to play it off any speakers. To learn more about this great DJ controller check out the Full Gemini G2V review.

Gemini controllers aren’t as well known as the bigger names in the industry, but that doesnt mean they arent a player. Some of their controllers have made our Best DJ controller in 2016 list. So be sure to check them out and take a read for yourself.