Buying Guide for the Best DJ headphones

By | May 24, 2016

DJ Heaphones

What Makes a Great set of DJ Headphones?


This should be obvious, accurate sound reproduction is not of utmost concern here. DJ headphones should give you enhanced lows and crisp highs. It’s the snares, kick drums, and hi-hats you’re paying attention to when mixing and producing, not those intricate sonic details. For tech specs, here are some guidelines:

  • Frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is the standard, you can go for a wider range, but it’s not necessary.
  • Drivers that are 40mm or bigger for your louder lows.
  • For impedance, look for a model with a 25 ohms or more rating.


No matter if it is over the head, around the neck, the one-hand-single-ear hold — DJs are constantly twisting and physically form fitting headphones, and a proper pair should be able to take the abuse on a nightly basis (at least for a year or two). Check how durable the joints and hinges are and the quality of the materials used to make the headphones.


Whichever way you wear them, DJ headphones should be very comfy. Check for padding on the headband, quality of the foam on the ear pads, and full adjustability. Further, swiveling or rotating cups may give you a better fit, and if you like to move around in the DJ booth, look for headphones with coiled and/or detachable cords.

Single Cord Design

Keep in mind, if the headphones have two cords coming from the ear pads, they are NOT DJ headphones. DJ headphones ALWAYS have a single cord design for a no tangle experience, and booth accidents.

Folding Design

Do they fold into a portable shape? How easy is it to stuff them into your bag (with limited space) at the end of the night? Headphones that don’t fold tend to break during transport.

The 5 Best DJ Headphones Reviewed

Here is the review on the best DJ headphones that the pros are using. We used our testing and research as well as DJ favourites. For those of you on a budget looking for DJ headphones, check out our guide for DJ Headphones under $100.

 Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Headphones

Style: On-Ear
Weight: 5 oz. (140 g)
Rotating Cups: Yes
Case Included: Yes, soft carrying bag
Price: Check Price on Amazon

Sennheiser knows how to make great sounding gear period. The HD 25-1 II Headphones have become a staple in the DJ world.

They are a on ear style head phone that give as much as the same isolation as over ear headphones do. These block out a lot of ambient noise.

Sound quality is amazing, they deliver crisp and clear sound, not to bass heavy or over bearing. You will be able to hear each layer of the track nice and clear.

Reason why they are at the top of the list is because they are very durable and ruggid.


 Pioneer HDJ-2000

Style: Over-Ear
Weight: 10.2 oz. (289 g)
Rotating Cups: Yes
Case Included: Yes, soft carrying bag
Price: Check Price on Amazon

Second on our list is the Pioneer HDJ-2000. Another favourite of the Pros. Pioneer has been making DJ gear for a long time now, so of course they are going to make the list.

The HDJ-2000 are a great alternative to the HD-25’s if you don’t like rocking the on ear set.

A more heavy set compared to the HD-25’s, making them feel more durable.

We would consider these a straight up DJ headphone, because of the frequency response. So they are not really ideal for listening to music outside of club songs. They are great for loud bass.

Aesthetically speaking, they are a great looking set of headphones, they have options for colors, coming in black and silver, all white, and all black.


Beats Mixr

Style: On-Ear
Weight: 7.4 oz. (210 g)
Rotating Cups: Yes
Case Included: Yes, hard case
Price: Check Price on Amazon

Beats are definitely a crowd favourite amongst a lot of people. They look amazing, have great bass and are very marketable. Audiophiles hate them though for being so main stream. Whatever side you are on, we would recommend them still. These headphones were designed for DJing in mind.

The Mixr is meant for dance floor music. Bass is loud, great for club songs. If youre in the studio though the frequency response might not be ideal. Sound might be a bit too exaggerated. The beats are the loudest headphone on our list, which makes for a good headphone at the clubs.

The Mixr is not the most comfortable headphone. While they are light, they are tight around your head. Over time they do stretch out though.

Like the HDJ-2000 they come in multiple colors, white, neon colors, and gold.

 V-Moda Crossfade M-100

Style: Over-Ear
Weight: 9.9 oz. (280g)
Rotating Cups: No
Case Included: Yes, hard case
Price: Check Price on Amazon

The Crossfade M-100 is a great DJ headphone that sounds great and looks good. It’s a premium headphone that you will be happy to show off.

The V-Moda is great for DJing, producing and listening. They are as sharp sounding as the HD-25’s with more clarity.

They are a bit less durable than the others but the quality of materials is amazing.

For style, you can get custom made ear plates, which a lot of Top DJs do. It comes in Matte Black and White.


Sol Republic Master Tracks

Style: Over-Ear
Weight: 8.57 oz. (243g)
Rotating Cups: No
Case Included: Yes, soft case
Price: Check Price on Amazon

The Sol Republic makes our list being more for the DJ on a budget. They are a great bang for your buck headphone.

The sound compared to the others is surprisingly loud and punchy, not quite as good as the others. They will distort slightly at higher volumes.

Comfort was very nice on these, the headphones can twist and flex nicely without breaking, and they fold up nicely.

The cord comes out both sides which is a no no in our books.

You have different choices in color for these as well.


Wrap Up

Those are our picks for the Best DJ Headphones on the market.

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