Best DJ Controller for Serato

By | July 13, 2016

One of the most popular DJ softwares in the industry is Serato DJ. I have personally used multiple different types of DJ softwares, and Serato knows how to do it. You have probably heard the line, “You aint got no Yeezy in your Serato”. Serato has made an impact in industry and in pop culture. Its got a huge community following them as well, if you are ever unsure on anything you can ask and find answers.

The best software is useless, without the right equipment. You are going to want to pair one of the best DJ Softwares with the best DJ Controller. Most controllers have the ability to use Serato, but with lesser functionality. Serato has paired with big names in industry to bring you the best software integration. So lets review the best controllers that do that.

What to look for in a Serato DJ Controller

  • Budget – Depending on what stage of the game you are in is going to correlate with your budget. It will help you narrow down your options and you can plan ahead.
  • Type – Depending on what kind of DJ you want to be, and what type of DJing you are doing. There are different controllers you can get, like turntables, FX controllers, mixers or all in one setups.
  • Functions – Again depending on what you want to do, you will want to be able to perform some functions that some may or may not do.
  • Brand – Some are brand loyal so this might come up for you.

The Best DJ Setup for Serato

These are not listed in any order, but these are what I think are the best setups for Serato.

Numark V7

Numark makes some of the best DJ equipment in the world, so of course they would pair up with Serato to make a great machine. The V7 is a turntable, you would use this with another turntable and a mixer, traditionally. Its motorized and has low torque settings. Its an all metal construction, with a great platter. Built in is a multi channel24 bit USB digital audio interface, which makes sound quality amazing. Its got DJ FX controls mader specifically for Serato as well.

Akai AMX

The AMX is a 2 channel controller that has various functions that work perfectly with Serato. It has libray nav, deck load, sync, cue, play/pause, panel/view controls and more. Build quality is nothing less, than we would expect from Akai products, knobs are touch activated. The fader is a mini innoFADER which works great.

Novation Twitch

Novation always makes great stuff and this controller is one of their only controllers on the market. The twitch doesnt have any jogs but its does have 16 performance pads, touch strips for mutli-function control, MIDI mapping, hot cues, auto loop and roll, and slicer. There is also beatgrid detection and editing, mic/aux inputs, FX cycling. There are headphone outputs as well. Remote and video works perfect with Serato, and you get the free upgrade to Serato DJ which will save you some money.

Numark Mixtrack Pro

The mixtrack pro is the first all in one controller. Its a good budget friendly controller that has some decent functions. It has integrated audio, MIDI mapping, recording, big jogs, USB powered and light indicators. It comes with Serato Intro and works with Serato remote and video. This is the first mixtrack pro, there is a mixtrack 2 and a mixtrack 3 now as well. Which both made our lists of best beginner controller and best dj controller.

Pioneer DDJ-SX2

The SX2 has all the features you need, performance pads, hot cues, loop, samples, filter fades, Serato FX control and mic inputs. The SX2 is compatible with Serato FLIP, and is ready for Serato DVS. Jogs are great for scratching, pads are good quality. Its a great all in one controller for Serato.

Denon DJ MC6000MK2

Denon also is a heavy hitter in the DJ community. The MC6000MK2 is great for 4 deck mixing, has a great built in audio interface which gives it great sound quality, and some other great features. It has USB connectivity, 8 buttons to assign effects too. MIC inputs, MIDI mapping. A great all in one controller with great sound.

Numark NS7

The NS7 is a beast, its platters are made of metal, which are torque adjustable. You get a free upgrade to Full Serato and support for Numark SFX which is a FX controller you can buy. You can also adjust the RPM from 33 to 45 rpm. They have also made the NS7 II, check out our review.

Vestax VCI-400

The VCI-400 is a solidy built DJ controller. It has 4 channels, transport buttons, deck select, and great knobs. It has a built in 24 bit, 48 khz dual core digital processor. Its a pretty high end device with some great hardware. Check it out if you want something for the long term.