About Me


Welcome to onlinedjguide.com, somehow you have happened to stumble upon my blog. I started this blog because I wanted to help others like yourself, to learn how to DJ, to produce, and learn about all the gear in our industry.

I started DJing seriously about 5 years ago now. It started off as a hobby for me, probably like most. I love the different layers you can create on a record. Everything jives together and plays an important part in the track. Thats what I really love about DJing and Producing.

Onlinedjguide is meant to guide you in the right direction, its not the holy grail of DJing. There are many better DJs than myself. It takes a lot of guts to get in front of a room of people and play your music, its even harder to make them have fun, but thats where all the fun of DJing comes in.

The best feeling is seeing people having fun and loving what you have made. That beats any award or honours I think.

About Me

Career Length: I’ve been DJing for 5 years and been doing shows for almost 4 years now

Favourite Genre: Trip hop, trap, electro, hard style, hip hop, rap

Favourite DJ: DJ AM, Diplo

Inspirations: Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Tiesto

Where I’m From: Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada

If theres anything you guys want to know about me let me know!